ReHumaning is about learning & remembering.

ReHumaning is not about turning the clock back; it’s not about trying to live like a caveman. ReHumaning is about realizing where we are going wrong now, culturally and in our everyday lives, and redressing those imbalances. It is about learning and remembering. 

We need to ask, what is good with contemporary society, and what can we let fall away? What can we learn from other ways of living, both past and present.

Ultimately, ReHumaning is about moving toward expressing the full potential of this amazing capacity we call ‘I, ourselves, our bodies, minds and spirit.

For too long, people have been looking for magic bullets and quick fxes: from boom to bust, pillar to post, veering back and forth, this supplement, that therapy, the New Year’s resolution forgotten by February. 

ReHumaning is so powerful because it operates from a single, coherent frst principle. When you get this, everything else that fows from this primary position is also coherent; it makes sense.

“I am a Human Being”. Repeat this to yourself a few times. This is the point we all start from. All the categories we create for ourselves and others are ultimately united in this simple statement.

“Culture is not your friend.” -Terence McKenna

The further we move away from this understanding, the further we move away from knowing ourselves to be Homo Sapiens, and the more trouble we fnd ourselves in.

Homo Sapien is good at moving, running, jumping, throwing, adapting and laughing. Homo Sapien needs variety, clean air, clean food, meaningful and creative work, and expression.

Homo Economicus (you, the consumer) is sedentary: sitting, driving, and watching a screen. Homo Economicus is constantly consuming, stressed, and fearful; he lives in a fat, linear world of repetition, tedium and beige food.

Where the paths between the biological and cultural diverge, this is where we’ll fnd the keys to the restoration of our health, happiness and vitality.

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