Viral Illness

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My Personal Immune System Support Protocol. When news of a novel virus outbreak began trickling out of China in November 2019 my interest was immediately piqued. At the time, my eldest son was living and studying at University in Shanghai and I was concerned for his health and safety. Back in those early months, no-one […]

Creative Expression

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Of the thousands of thoughts the average human has per day, a staggering 95% repeat from the previous day. This monotonous cycle is largely due to unchanging routines. A few years ago I set up an Organic food box subscription service in North GA. I sourced my produce from a blend of regional suppliers and […]

Sleep Anxiety Hack

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I always find it more comfortable speaking or writing from a place of personal experience rather than simply regurgitating information I’ve learned or discovered. I also never thought I had an issue with poor quality sleep until I actually had a fully restful night! I’ve always functioned better in the latter part of the day, […]

Indian Clubs for Shoulder Rehabilitation

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Indian Clubs for shoulder rehabilitation.  “In an active life is sown the seed of wisdom; but he who reflects not, never reaps; has no  harvest from it, but carries the burden of age without the wages of experience; nor knows  himself old, but from his infirmities”. Edward Young.  Good shoulder health is taken for granted […]

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