What is ReHumaning?

Every generation has its crisis; ours is this: We are forgetting how to be human.
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What is ReHumaning?

Every generation has its crisis; ours is this: We are forgetting how to be human. Our greatest mistake has been to conflate that which is culturally normal with that which is biologically natural and proceed with this unchallenged assumption.
We have become mesmerized by our own successes, and like Icarus, are flying perilously far from the safe ground of our biological legacy. Our technology has evolved rapidly and our culture with it, carrying us to the very boundary of what our physiology can tolerate: sedentary lifestyles and meaningless jobs, un-remitting stress, a chemical maelstrom in the environment, the home, and the food supply, ongoing consumption of trash, trashy information, trashy entertainment, trashy foods, and the list goes on.
Where then is the opportunity? It has been well said that we live like the philosopher kings of old; for most of us there is an abundance of food, information, educational opportunity, comfort and security. Global communication and connectivity is unprecedented, and in many ways we are closer to our fellow human beings than ever before, yet we suffer for it all.
So, what does a successful life look like in the 21st Century? How do we leverage all the clear advantages of modern living without destroying our long-term health, wellbeing and happiness?
The foundation of this revolution is simple.
It is called “ReHumaning”.

Our Founders

Drawing on and re-integrating the historically successful, time-tested wisdom and practices of humans from around the world into our modern day lives, we can re-discover a level of natural health and vitality that is truly powerful. We will help you build a strong physical core through effective exercise, and a strong physiological core and robust immune system through optimum human nutrition and healthy practices. These cores lay the foundation for a fuller expression of your own personal human journey, and a happy, healthy and successful life for the long-term.

Alexander & Paige Dent ReHumaners

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Our Promise

Where the paths between the biological and cultural diverge, this is where we’ll find the keys to the restoration of our health, happiness and vitality.

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